SSG Daniel K Stein served his country in the Marine Corps., US Army Infantry, and US Army reserves. Deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan.
Additionally, he was employed in the private sector with Crescent Security Group.

June 3, 2017, succumbing to PTSD and TBI, he took his own life in the family garage.  Leaving behind his wife Misty and daughter Claire.

Combat PTSD is identified as an anxiety disorder.  Symptoms include insomnia, flashbacks, nightmares, isolation, depression, hypersensitivity, emotional detachment, and more.  It physically and psychologically changes the brain.

TBI is the result of damage to the brain from an external force.

What began as a Memorial Race, turned into something greater.  Fueled by her pain, need to educate, and passion to end this crisis, Misty founded the Daniel K Stein Mission, Inc., October 1, 2017.

The Mission-
“Raise Awareness of Combat PTSD and TBI through Unity, Leadership, and Advocacy.”
– One Family at a Time.

We are the voice of the widow, the child, the family member, left behind this tragedy.

Currently the Mission is compromised of a strong team, setting goals structured to their mission statement.

Board members are:
Misty Stein – Founder, President
Nicole Bittner – Director
Adam Karstetter – Vice President
Lane Wallace – Treasurer

Dedicated to diminishing the “22 A Day” Statistic.

The Daniel K Stein Mission, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Corporation.